Vodafone Internet in the Car

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Dec 26, 2006
Farnborough, Hampshire
W212 E250 CDI, a238 e53
So I keep getting emails from Vodafone stating the plan has ended then a few hours later another stating it’s started.

but…… often it’s not working in the car so i don’t get live traffic updates. Weirdly I do get alerts re car lock status and can send map addresses to it from the Mercedes me app.

Anyone else having issues with Vodafone internet in the car?

Is there any way to get the car to tether to the phone rather than tethering devices to the car?

I’ve never paid for internet in the car but it’s been working for 6 months plus and they keep emailing me telling me a plan is active.

Really wondering if anyone else is having a similar experience.

Would be really annoyed if I was on Vodafone for my phone & had to pay extra for service for the car.

In 2023 we shouldn’t be locked into 1 service provider especially when it’s needed for other paid for services to work.

Lastly my s212 gets traffic info via the radio network. Can command on s213 platform do the same? So far I’m not getting any traffic updates and it’s caused me huge delays as it’s not obvious when the car isn’t getting traffic updates via the phone network especially on unfamiliar routes.

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