W/S 212 Facelift NS bonnet catch stuck.

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Apr 30, 2019
London, UK
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Morning all

I'm in some desperate need of help here.

Helping a friend out with his car atm and went out the other morning to a bonnet that won't fully "pop". It appears as thought the NS release mechanism is stuck.

I believe this is common enough.

Any ideas on how I can open this at all? It seems to be fairly well protected (tamper proof) for the 212 compared to the many guides on the 211.

Many thanks
I had a similar-sounding problem on my PFL W212. When I pulled the handle in the cab, both catches released but one side (I forget which) didn't pop up.

I freed it by very careful and gentle persuasion using a large flat-bladed screwdriver wrapped in a very soft cloth.

No damaged caused to the bonnet, after it popped and a liberal application of WD40 sorted it.

You would need to be sure the lever catch has actually 'released' and is just stuck, as opposed to not released, before trying the same with your friend's bonnet.
I've freed two of these recently - One of my own and one for a friend.
Get your friend to sit in the car and pull the bonnet catch lever as far as it will go.
With the lever held in this position, get hold of the front of the bonnet and work it up and down vigorously.
VIGOROUSLY !!! ... It's a car bonnet not a china tea cup !
Once it's free, give the latch mechanism a good coating of waterproof grease and the springs a good coating of oil
Good luck.
Hey guys thanks a lot for the responses... some decent suggestions there.

I didn't go at it again yet.. I was hoping to get at it in the week but will be early next week now.

I'm in in the process of adding back all the rebuilt lines to my R230 ABC system.. to say its taking a while is an understatement lol.

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