W114 compared to the W123

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Nov 9, 2009
South Ayrshire/Cork
1991 Mercedes-Benz 190D
Hi folks, ive had a few w123's as my daily cars in the past and found them to be great. Reliable, comfortable, cool.

Thinking about getting a w114 now but never driven one. Can anyone tell me how they compare to the 123? Would they be comfortable/reliable enough to use everyday and clock up quite a few miles in?

Im guessing they wouldnt be as economical?
The model ive seen is a '68 2.8 but it was originally a 250 i think.
They are a lot more agricultural to drive.. Nowhere near the refinement of a W123.
The carb models are very poor on economy.

Also most of them are BADLY rotten... You can still find some good W123's around...

The W123 was THE turning point for mercedes engineering.
As already said, they use too much fuel for a daily driver. Bulkhead corrosion problems.
I had a w115 230/4 and loved it, the auto box with power steering is a nice drive, and the steering was sharper than my current W123 230e. It was mega easy to park with that superb steering lock too, the 123 is a bit bigger and not quite so easy. However, I did spend £800 on welding to get the mot and the rust was always just one step behind me. W114/5 prices have gone up a fair bit and finding a good one may be a long search, I think you will pay considerably less for a better condition 123, good luck with the search.

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