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Between 1971 and 1976, Mercedes-Benz Argentina, based on the Mercedes-Benz 220D, (W115), manufactured the Mercedes Benz 220 D pick up.
At that time the importation of private cars was totally restricted because it was the time of the dictatorship in Argentina and due to regulations in force since the early 1970s, Mercedes-Benz, which at that time had Juan Manuel Fangio as Honorary President, he spotted an argument to do so: The restrictions did not affect mechanical or body elements, so it could be assembled later in Argentina.
There was an added problem, the law allowed the assembly of cars whenever it was a work vehicle and not a passenger car.
Mercedes-Benz was not intimidated and soon saw how to satisfy those who wanted a new high-end car: create a pick-up.
In 1971 the first eight units were mounted.
With the imported parts of the sedan, the bodywork was cut at the height of the B-pillar and a 100% Argentina design and development cargo box was attached, thanks to an agreement with the “El detalle” bus factory.
It is also true that Mercedes-Benz had a different situation from other manufacturers. It was a very reputed brand, since 1955 manufactured vehicles (The Black Ant), in its plant of González Catán (province of Buenos Aires) ... and was the brand of Juan Manuel Fangio.
In total, 1,044 units of this mill were sold, which mounted the 2.2-liter diesel engine of 65 hp.
The production record was reached in 1975, with 353 units, almost one a day. Many of them still work.
There are single and even double cab and other calls "rural", with the box covered and that resulted in a family body, with the cargo covered.
It is a fascinating story of how the seed of the pick-up was sown in Argentina.

Manufacturing Start: 1971 Manufacturing Term: 1976
Origin: Argentina
Body: Self-supporting Pick-up Doors: 2
Engine: Mercedes-Benz OM 615 Cycle: Diesel
Location: Front, longitudinal
Displacement (cm3): 2,197
Number of Cylinders: 4
Bore x Stroke (mm): 87 x 92.4
Compression Ratio: 21.0: 1
Power: 65 HP (SAE) - 60 HP (DIN)
Regime (r.p.m): 4,200
Motor torque (mKg): 13.3 (SAE) - 12.8 (DIN)
Regime (r.p.m): 2,400
Traction: Rear
Cooling: Water
Fuel: Gas-Oil
Fuel System: Mercedes-Benz injection with pre-chamber
Speeds: 4
Final Ratio: 4.08: 1
Fuel Capacity (liters): 65
Empty Weight (Kg.): 1,450
Length (mm): 4,725
Width (mm): 1,640
Height (mm): 1,440
Distance between Axes (mm): 2,750
Front Trunk (mm): 1,440
Rear Trunk (mm): 1,440
Brakes (Front / Rear): Disc / Disc
Direction system: Recirculating Balls
Suspension Front: Independent, articulated double trapezoids
Rear Suspension: Independent, diagonal oscillating axis
Tires: 7.35 x 15 "
Electric Generator: Alternator 12 V 490 W
Battery 66 A / h
Detail: Vehicle designed in Argentina, based on car 220 D
Average Consumption (Km / l): 11.8
Acceleration 0 to 100 Km / h (s): 31
Maximum Speed (Km / h): 135
Quantity produced: 1,044
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