w123 200 tow electrics, brake - indicators?

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skip rat

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Sep 16, 2016
Bingley west yorks
W123 200T 1984
hi question 2

the tow bar electrics seem a little odd, they are factory fit as far as i can tell, i suspect its some kind of USA spec thing, but the indicators light up with the brake lights, they flash when you start indicating,,

i spent ages messing with the little plugs in the boot , but couldn't make any sense of it, is there some kind of special trailer light module that control's it?

not expecting to do much towing but i want to know it will work uk style if needed
If the trailer works fine when plugged into another vehicle it is almost certainly the connection between the car socket and car earth.
White wire from the socket iirc.
Is it a seven pin plug/socket?
hi, yes std uk 7 pin, tried caravan and a tailor board both same,

i took 7 pin plug apart and couldn't find any thing wrong,

ill have another look at earth wire
Flashing lights after turning each item on would be bad earth. Put some vasaline on the metal part of the bulb as it contacts the outer part of the bulb holders .FROM AN OLD CARAVANER ..
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If it is the same with a trailer board, then the problem is with the earth connection to the socket.
Follow the wiring from the socket to the inside of the car, and check where the white wire is (or probably isn't) connected to the body.
There will lie the pot of gold :)

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