W123 V8 560 6 speed manual anyone? Part 3...

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Jul 29, 2012
One of the things I had omitted to do when buying the engine and box, was to strip the donor car of the ignition box, wiring etc, the donor car had been sitting outside his workshop for months, I was already looking at other mods seeing as I had major car surgery coming up.

We discussed many things around the engine conversion, and an aftermarket engine management system was on the list, to get the best out of the new set up. There are a few available on the market, and having investigated a few on his other customer’s cars, the expert had narrowed down the choice to a more suitable one for this application.

It would need set up and Dyno time once the nuts and bolts had been done.

So ignition and control was list sorted, next was the induction and fuel delivery.

Given that the budget wouldn’t stretch anywhere near to a bespoke set of individual throttle bodies, which would give the engine its full potential with the right management. It would be down to a concoction of items utilizing the original single throttle body, better injectors and original modded plenum chambers, all out of the experts brilliant mind of course.

Early on I had decided that I would junk the aircon, with that heavy pump gone, and installation of the suggested lighter more modern alternator and power steering pump, all this pointed to a single serpentine belt kit. This would punt out the standard three-belt system to run the above and water pump etc.

Expert had done this before, and having seen the emailed photos, I was sold, it looked great, simplified things and meant certain items could change position at the front of the engine.

With the standard auto box on the 230ce being laggy and sluggish, and being used to a manual gearbox, I opted to go down the manual gearbox route, later on this would prove to be the Achilles heel of the entire project.

My first manual box bought on a fleabay was a “no good”, standard five speed from a 123, second one was a dogleg from a 2.3/2.5 124, this got a “horrible” response, next was a later 5 speed from a ‘can’t remember’ merc off German fleabay, this got a “not bad, but a 6 speed from a ‘?’ would be much better”

He had already acquired for me, the right ratio diff for the original box before I changed my mind for a manual and now this may or may not work, with the 6- speed…probably not.

Expert had a 6 speed laying around, well two actually, and we agreed to swap my 5 for one of his 6 speeds, as he had use for the 5 speed on another project, ok fine I said, great.

Next up, fly wheels, clutches, and the holy grail convertor plate…


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May 21, 2003
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