W124 1994 E220 Estate auto for sale

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Feb 20, 2009
W124 E220 Estate Auto
Firstly, apologises for lack of info/photos. I am currently away from home so all this is from memory! Extra photos/info on Monday, when I return.

1994 'L' reg W124 Estate E220 auto for sale. Silver. Seven (cloth) seats. Cruise control (which works perfectly). Here is a photo of it from last year:


The bottom offside corner of the front bumper has suffered some damage after I hit a pheasant last year! Some info here:


I have been quoted £40 for a good s/hand bumper (plus £10 to fit it), but I never got around to getting it done.

Otherwise, the bodywork is good! Some marks, but most importantly, the front wings are not rotten!

I have owned the car for 12 months, and in that time it has taken me on an 80 mile daily commute. I have covered about 20,000 miles in that time. Apart from replacing the alternator, the car has run faultlessly, ALWAYS starting, no matter what the weather.

The 2.2 engine is the best one in the range. Quite quick, good MPG (I get around 35 on a run) and none of the very expensive wiring issues you get on the 6 cly cars. Uses/looses NO oil or water. It has covered around the 192,000 mark (so, just run in then :D )

Included is a workshop manual, which I bought last year (hardly used!)

Car is located near Penrith, near J41 M6.

MOT until July this year. Last year, it passed first time, with only one advisory (r/o/s wheel bearing, which has now been replaced). MOT tester said it is very solid underneath. "one of the best I've seen".

Tax until August. Good tyres all round (one almost brand new).

Some history. Alloy wheels. Alarm (although I never use it). Central locking, electric windows/roof/mirrors/boot close all work perfectly. New ignition barrel (common fail point).

I'm only selling it because I have bought (another) 4x4 and I need the space!

For a very quick sale (and taking into account the front bumper), I'm only looking for £699.

PM me, or call on 07778 664570.
No one? This is a bargain at £699!

I will get more photos today, and it will be going on eBay very soon. I need to sell this, I need the space!
This will be going on eBay next week, if not sold before.

I need the space asap, so open to offers.

07778 664570.
Sold, and gone to a new home!

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