W124. 500e/e500

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Mar 28, 2011
clk 63 black series. sl55 carlsson ck55rs
I'm looking to purchase a 500E/E500, if anybody has one for sale, must be a European car, not interested in Japanese import. Thanks Colin
Hello CSR I saw one on a website here in France called leboncoin being sold for 29000£ with 160000kms a very clean car you can check on it. It's in Paris I think you have to know French to contact the owner because you need to send an email (unfortunately not many people here talk English just French). I will search for the link and post it.
I have a really nice 94 500 in exelent condition.Its own by my friend.He is asking for it 10k euro
Good luck with the search.

Not sure why you're discounting a Japanese import - European cars and generally far rustier than European cars - I've seen the undersides of lots of E500's and I'd buy Japanese all day long.

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