W124 Cabriolet Smashed Headlight

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Aug 11, 2009
Bishops Stortford
2009 CLK320 CDi
Why is it always me I ask myself ??

Having enjoyed a round of golf with the Wrinklies I returned to the "Blue Lady" parked correctly in the Golf Club car park to find a broken O/S head light and the tell tale scattering of glass on the ground and of course the culprit had driven off with notifying a soul.......... B*****D :mad:

So question is having surveyed the damage I need to understand how the lense washer motor is attached as the washer arm support bracket is bent inwards and the arm has a lot of backward movement ??

I need to understand what parts I need if this is also damaged before embarking on a repair.

The Blue Lady is a 1995 Facelift Sportline and I believe O/S head light assy part no. is 1248209059.

Any help appreciated


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Solving the Euro Headlight Wiper Issue? - Page 2 - Benzworld.org - Mercedes-Benz Discussion Forum

First remove the side indicator by releasing the clip and sliding it forwards. this will reveal 2 screws holding the outer side of the headlight. then release the panel +wiper under the headlight by unscrewing it at the radiator end- it then pivots forward in a arc as the other end just hooks in behind the wing Then release THE AWKWARD SCREW on the radiator side. There is then a circular black plastic key to rotate at the top - but its almost certainly broken- you should then be able to remove the headlight unit to survey any metalwork damage. That's roughly it.

this is a good pic of what to expect in the way of metalwork

COURTESY OF THIS GREAT RESTO THREAD http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/gene...24-e220-estate-tidy-up-will-i-ever-learn.html
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A word of advice from my experience last year. Get an MB headlight. Ours seemd fine with an aftermarket one but come MOT time the beam could not be adjusted to pass the MOT.
Might need some more pictures of that car of yours Polak..... :):)

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