W124 Charging

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Jul 8, 2004
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230TE 1992
I foolishly charged the battery without removing it from the car and any of the connectors. Then it developed the faults ABS light and poor starting.
The ABS light was fixed with new OVA relay thanks to the forum.
What other relay have I damaged? For the poor Idle on 1st startup of the day, Once the engine has warmed up 100% ok.

W124 E230TE 1992 150004
try disconnecting the battery for ten seconds then reconnect the battery that should clear it up
On my 300TE W124 one of the relays went. I think it was the fuel injection pump. There was a fuse on the side of it which may have blown.

In my case the fuse was ok and the new relay was £40. The car took more turning over to get started, ran rough until warmed up and idle was not as smooth. Similar symptoms to yours.

The relay was on the RH side as you look from the front, under a flimsy plastic cover which pulls off. Sorry for being a bit vague but it was about 7 years ago.
You might have damaged/jammed the rotary idle actuator which is powered off the OVP relay like the ABS ---irrc. This would affect cold idling.
Removed the Battery for 4Hrs stild the same.
The OVP relay has been replaced
where is the rotary idle actuator located.
It's item 113 on the 2nd diagram here. http://www.detali.ru/cat/oem_mb2.as...+++717.413&CT=M&cat=504&SID=09&SGR=060&SGN=02 you should see it clearly if you remove the aircleaner.

If its the type in the the first diagram no 74 its less likely to be damaged.
Both devices allow air to by pass the throttle plate to increase revs while the engine is cold.

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