W124 dash upgrade? what do you think?

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Oct 18, 2004
W124 E220 1995
I have a friend who lives in Hong Kong,he upgraded the dashboard of his W124 to a wonderful yet modern dash,am thinking of doing the same,he told me that he bought it from Japan,unfortunately the dealer speaks no English and has no internet access :(
Tell me your opinion about the new dash.


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all that is, is white led bulbs replacement and it is very easy to do all you need is 501 side light bulbs led
At the moment, i am going through all the yellow bulbs in my 124 and changing them to white.
Looks soo much nicer. Will be doing that in the dash too.

Moment,this is Plasma screen on each dial and the numbers are illuminating instead of lights shed on all dials!!! totally different,but he kept the stock dash lighting to illuminate the pointers red.
i quite like that.

it also have chrome surrounds on each dial.

i also like the idea of replacing the bulbs for white ones.... i'd be interested in any pics of that.... and the type and whre you get the bulbs....

problem you will have is getting one in MPH....
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Just had a look at mine, the OP's dial pics are a lot different to standard. Standard dials are front lit and more recessed giving a more solid appearance.

Having actually looked at mine in more detail, the original design is very simple and rather elegant and I personally wouldn't bother tampering with it. I also feel that trying to modernise an older design never really works, you end up with a car that is neither of its time nor contemporary.

Funny how it takes a post like this to make me look properly at something which I sit behind regularly and sometimes for hours at a time - so thanks for that :)

The redline would also have to be at 7000 rpm to be of any use to me.
............LED 501 in white, yellow red amber green..................
Got loads left..............special price to clubbies , £1.50 for two! freepost.:bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
I am the guy from Hong Kong. That is my car and no they are not LEDs.. EL/Plasma..
LEDs wouldn't have such a balanced glow.

Any more info as to where we can get these from?
Jeff (my friend) told me the supplier is in Japan,he can contact him (the supplier ) through Japanese friend,I'll contact Jeff again and let him to tell the details.
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my dash lights have all gone out and no idea why

dont really like it, looks too blackpool for me
maybe someone was cleaning your dash and turn off your dash lights by accident (the mileage reset button is the same switch as switch off the dash lights),the garage boy always does this to me.

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