W124 door handle sticking out

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Mar 28, 2012
Hi guys,

Our rear door handle on the W124 saloon is sticking out... it's been a bit sticky recently but now when trying to push it in it just springs right out.

The little metal bit on the rear end slides forwards towards the front of the car and pops out - is that normal or should it be all one piece?

Is this something that I can pop back in (on the main part) or am I looking at a replacement handle?

Many thanks


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Looks as if the small grub screw that retains the smallest of the two parts of the door handle , is loose .The smaller one of the two holds the larger one in place after its locked up . Might be the small grub screw is damaged and womt screw up . Open the door and look down the rubber seal .You will find a hole behind the seal . Then you might have to just lift the rubber seal away to get at the grub screw. Put both parts of the handle together and all back in place . Then lock up the grub screw .
Thanks, I managed to get hold of a Haynes manual and you're absolutely right. I slid the handle out and refit so it would pull and retract how it should. I thought the grub screw might be loose also but it wouldn't seem to turn in either direction.

For now I've tapped the smaller part of the handle forward with a mallet to try and keep it all in place. Will keep an eye on it as the door gets used to see if I need to try harder with that grub screw.
Spray some penetrating oil in first .And take it steady its a small screw and will round off in side . pm sent

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