w124 drivers visors on convertible

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Feb 15, 2010
mercedes of course
mine is in black and is broken and now missing!!, i wondered if anybody knows if this part is interchangeable with either one from w129 sl or clk convertible.

as new from mercedes it costs £160 yes £160 for one side (drivers side).

any advise is appreciated:bannana:
Are they different to coupe/saloon/estate ones? Can you notsimply use one of them froma scrappie?
nop the coupe saloon and estate share same system, the cabriolet has it sitting in what i can describe as bucket and totally moving all directions, i was wondering if other members have seen it or perhaps own it along with other models like clk slk cls or sl 230 w129, to see if it is avail in any other model, MB quoting £160 for driver side only
can anybody who clk convertible kindly take a picture drivers sun visor pivot on above windsreen just for me to see if they are the same as in w124 convertible. or perhaps somebody out their own both to compare if they are same system.

many thanks in advance
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it looks like the same as sl w129 can anybody confirms as it is new for £160 each side

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