W124 E250 diesel sallon, 1993

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Sep 17, 2006
W124 E250 diesel

MOT'd until July 30th 2009, taxed until feb(I think) next year, just run in at 204k. Its never used any oil/water in the 20 months I've had it. Its an E250 multivalve diesel on a L plate. Leather trim, auto, only faults, some rust spots from stone chips, the rear of the bootlid has been sprayed and doesn't match but the wheel arches are mint, tempermental temp guage (dodgy connection on dash, replacement dash included), and the auto box flares on the changes. It doesn't slip, and its something to do with vacumn pressures needing adjustment. it worked fine, until I steam cleaned the engine after a fuel line leaked. Its been like it for 18 months and never gets worse, infact when running on cooking oil its no where as noticable ???. Its used every day without fail, and will run on cooking oil with no mods. It had a new cat last year, new rear discs/pads and handbrake shoes. Just had a new steering damper and anti rollbar bushes. It went through its emmision test at 0.2 reading. I fitted leather seats this year with matching door panels, but the headliner and carpet is still grey, whereas the trim is mushroom.
Has a removable towbar, decent tyres, wheels could do with a tidy up. Will do about 40mpg on a run.
I would like £750 and its in Coventry.

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