W124 E300 TD Cardiff


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Sep 6, 2008
190e 300TD
Its for sale.
Due to not being used as much as I now walk to work, no longer need to use it as a van for trips to the dump when renovating the house and the wife has her own car now.

W124 300TD with 185,000 miles on the clock.

Good points:
Some history.
Great Engine and auto box, always starts, changes gear as it should, regularly serviced and has had the infamous "0" rings changed.
Black MB text seats with weird pumpy air bag thing in them, drivers has small split in bolster.
Unused first aid kit.
Newish front wings but painted with a Roller, (Paint will be included in the sale, it may even be red)
Will and does Run on VEG.
LED sidlights
R2D2 and storm trooper sticker
Air con button (just a button, it dont work)
Its massive inside.
Great in the snow as it doesn't matter if you hit anything you wont notice any new damage.
Tyres have tread on them.
Real head turner (mostly "WTF is that")
SLS suspension , never lost a drop of fluid.

Bad points:

Every panel is scratched or dented,
Exhaust is mostly bean cans, putty and jubilee clips.
Rear O/S window wont work.
Passenger window needs help to go down and up.
TAX and MOT is up at the end of October.
Various rusty patches on the tailgate and other parts of the body.
Wont fit into car parking spaces as its too long
Various pieces of gaffer tape holding the interior together.
Stereo not there, you have to sing or have a conversation with your wife/girlfreind.
The indicators are stuck in with Gripfill as the fell out a when I destroyed a Ford KA in it (hence slight dent in the Driver wheel arch and scuff on the bumper)
12v fag lighter socket doesn't work (possibly due to being filled with a jaffa cake)
No key to open boot as the barrel was removed and filled, but opens on central locking
Massive patch of lacquer off the passenger door when I removed the race numbers after Retro 2010
Chrome arches on the rear, hiding rust (but I have treated it with underseal)
Engine under tray hanging on for dear life with cable ties
Star missing and I haven't sprayed the grill red yet

I may take it for an MOT next week as I will bodge the exhaust.
If it fails spectacularly I will get it squashed, if no one wants it.

Also no I wont pull parts off and post as I haven't got time.


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Sep 6, 2008
190e 300TD
It now has a fresh new MOT.
A couple of advisory s but nothing spectatcular

1. Exhaust has slightly deteriorated (bean can held for the MOT then)
2. Nearside Suspention bush worn, but not resulting in excessive movment
3. Rear Springs corroded (surface rust , I'll clean that up)
4. Nearside tyre close to legal limit (I knew but I wasnt going to buy a tyre and let it fail on other stuff, new tyre coming soon)
5. Vehicle structure has slight corrosion (yup)
6. Fuel pipe corroded (Wheres my wire brush and underseal from when I did the springs?)
7. Oil leak (Really, I know it uses a pint or so every 2000 miles)

Now with MOT £750 (£850 in Nov as I will have to buy tax)

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