w124 E300d multivalve - HEADLIGHT

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Jul 9, 2008
i have had a little accident where something flicked off the motorway and smashed a hole in my headlight lense. the lights still work and i have taped up the hole for now.

is a broken headlight lense a MOT failure??

are all w124 headlights the same? where is the best place to get a cheap one (without the wipers)?

It will only fail if it disturbs the beam pattern or allows moisture in so the reflector becomes damaged.
Lenses are about £60 from Mercedes

Nick Froome

try ebay - i got a whole headlamp for just £16.

you will need the facelift version as previously said - it has a curvey edge to it where the grille goes, whereas the pre-facelift is more square.

whether it has headlamp or not doesnt matter - lights are interchangable.

you can prise off the actual lense and just replace that, rather than the whole light itself.

hope this helps

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