W124 front door speaker housing

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Jul 8, 2006

Has anybody got these in their car?


I'm wondering if they ever came in a different colour?]

Part number is: 1247270888

Having never seen one of those before I just looked it up on the online epc. They don't even list the same part for the left door, only the right door?

I think it may be for taxi spec cars, hence only on the passenger door?
I don't have a clue but the taxi thing makes sense, looks to be sized for some tiny little speaker. The 'premium' sound system or whatever MB called it kept the dash top speakers and added an amp and some mid bass drivers towards the rear of the door pocket under the arm rest, pic nicked from peachparts

It doesn't look like a 124 item to me and it looks $hite,more like a home made job
Yea but it's good **** though mate!
'Kin hell 449 Euros starting bid :eek: No wonder he's listed 'em at least 3 times without any takers! Something like a Focal Ibus 2.1 (slimline active sub with integrated 2 channel amp) can be picked up for £240 leaving enough change for a pair of decent components and materials for the 'door build' needed for them.
Nice patina of scuff marks as they say on the antiques road show. I would suggest for the impecunious this is straight DIY territory with some second hand door cards as starting material. I would favour a design similar to the SL with the speakers firing into the floor well rather than the side of the seat although this might mean building the panel out slightly to house decent speakers?

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