W124 hard tops

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The Boss

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Dec 10, 2008
I am really keen on sourcing a wiesmann hard top for my cabrio.. any pointers?

after reading much dialogue on the two variants, i found a new pic today of the Germar version, i think it does look awful


my preference is the wiesmann version


guys.. please help me source one from somewhere...

im willing to collect from anywhere in Europe and USA for it. thanks
Red one looks OEM , black one just looks wrong somehow ..
I have a Weismann hardtop for my W124 cabrio....Can confirm its a top top quality piece..

I actually have a Weismann hardtop for my E30 BMW 325i cabby aswell but this is on another planet.... Infact its better than any hardtop Iv come across & that includes E30, E36, E46 BMW hartops, non-paronamic R129 SL hardtop, MX5 hardtop, etc etc... When I say better I mean looks, presence, the way it transforms the car, quality, materials etc..

Mine has a beautifull a padded cream/mushroom leather headliner, with stitching and leather accoss everything including the grab handles & locking handles plus a heated rear screen & rear map lights...

These were monster money back in the day new & i can see why!
Red one looks great. I wish I could get one for my Saab for the winter and dodgy areas I occasionally leave it!
A drop in the ocean for a £35,000 car :D ;)
Im afraid they do still tend to go for big money...... Not alot of units were ever made, probably due to pricing and the fact that the W124 softop was so well made in the first place..... And prices still reflect this, plus the fact that vendors know the average W124 Cabriolet owner is not going to be some council type with a shoestring for a budget, so they price them up accordingly....

I do agree in the pic above the Weismann does seem to look awkward if you like, but in real life its a stunner I can assure you.

Boss, what kind of budget did you have in mind?
no price or details but these guys have one on their website


i just mailed them. lets see their response.

quick question.. how did u find this site? I have been searching for many days and though i have seen many sites, not this one.

which search engine etc do you use.

i just mailed them. lets see their response.

quick question.. how did u find this site? I have been searching for many days and though i have seen many sites, not this one.

which search engine etc do you use.


they advertise in merc enthusiast, mostly naff chrome interior ugrades, but I did buy my half wood/leather steering wheel from them a few years back (no swap out needed) and I did recall the hard top being for sale on the w124 page. Your post made me have another look and it was still on the website.
I hope they can come back with a reasonable spec and price. The website is a little vague. The lady I dealt with who's name escapes me was very helpful and I think they will email you a pdf file with all the prices for the W124 options.

no seach engine skills involved, just old fashioned grey matter:crazy:
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Try these guys, they are still in business but I am not sure if they are still taking orders for the top......?

All the very best, W.
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TB:Just wait mate as they come around every now and than
TBH they are always going to be pricey as they are now a rarity and I don't imagine many people make them any more.

If you really want it then pay the £2.5k.

The boss: Have you admitted defeat that £35k is too much for your car? It must be what 12 months you've had it up for sale.
These hard tops always go for a LOT of money... last one i saw was over 4k.. I cannot understand why you would want one.. The W124 cab is so nice and quiet with its soft top already..

Only benefit is security but i dont think you live in Brixton.
As Dash said, they do come up now and again, just be patient!:)

I was casually on the lookout for one for about 3 years, as other things were more of a priority, like the Gen2 AMG kit.... Then Dash came through with a link for one when I was least expecting it & the rest is history....Got really lucky with price & location too , only had to travel 30 miles to get it!

Dont go crazy over one, trust me another will turn up...we'll all keep our eyes peeled for you aswell.:)...Problem will be at the right price.....

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