W124 head light wiper washer nozzles.

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Jul 21, 2013
Mercedes E220: W126 500se; W124 260E
Hi, I am in urgent need of a small item [!!!] - I am looking for the washer jets, or nozzles, that are fitted under the headlight wiper arms on a 1991 W124 260E.

Some little b###ard has pulled the two jets from both my headlight wipers, and now there is only the rubber feed tubes flapping about beside the wipers.

I know that there are some new wiper arms available on the i-net, but they are pretty expensive at about £95 -100 each, plus the wiper blade. And I don't know whether any of the used items on e-bay have the washer jets still fitted. I don't want to buy two wipers for about £30 each and find that they don't include the washer nozzles, or jets, or whatever they are called.

Perhaps some-one on the forum might just have two items that they would sell ?

Thanks a lot for the information. It is all but impossible to find any pictures or details about the washer jets, but according to a contact they do come fitted to the headlight wiper arms. There are no listings at all on either Amazon or E-bay, for either new or used.

Hi hotrodder, again, thanks for your post. I went to the website, and sure enough there is an exploded drawing showing the components. That is the only diagram that I have seen that shows everything.

I have registered with the company, and I have sent them an e-mail to check that the nozzles are the same for the W126's and the W124's. Hopefully these are the correct items, from the diagram they appear to be.

hotrodder said:
Not showing in the drawing but nozzles for the wiper arms are listed under related parts, WASHER COMPONENTS for 1993 Mercedes-Benz 300TE click one of them and you get a better drawing also showing the nozzles that live in the panel under the headlamps. Their part number is a2018690124

Excellent post. Thank you.

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