W124 indicators not clicking inside

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Mar 28, 2012
Hi guys,

Just recently the indicators have stopped clicking inside the cabin when flicking up or down. They still flash and externally are still working.

I had this problem last year and from memory I think that they weren't flashing either, so I replaced the relay with a new one from Mercedes and all was well. When I lift the bonnet I can still hear the relay clicking as the indicators flash but you can't hear it in the cabin.

Could it be the relay is going bad already or could it be something else? I replaced it with 201 821 02 47. Do these parts have a 1 year warranty as if so I would be just within the time period of replacing it if necessary.
I think you will find there is a sounder unit behind the dash,it has probably failed hence no clicking noise.
Ok great, I was worried the new relay was on it's way out already. I think we can live with no clicks for now, probably look to get a replacement cluster soon anyway.

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