W124 instrument cluster - LED bulbs?

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Mar 28, 2012
Hi guys,

So the instrument cluster stopped illuminating on our W124 a few days ago. I didn't think it was the bulbs as I just replaced those 3 years ago. Pulled the cluster out yesterday and sure enough the metal contact behind the dimmer had cracked. Soldered it back up and all good.

However this made me realise how dim the cluster is when testing it. It was around 6pm so still some light around yet I had to put a towel around it and stick my head under just to see that the bulbs were coming on!

Can anybody recommend suitable LED bulbs that can replace the standard 504 W3W ones? I had a look on ebay and saw these:


Are these the right type?
Make sure the size is correct first - those in the second link are 501/T5 - I thought the W124 dash ones were smaller?
Also be careful - LEDs can be very directional and you may fing that you get bright and dark areas rather than even illumination.
True, though the second link I posted says 501/504 so I assumed it would be suitable for both. I'm hoping somebody here has upgraded theirs and can confirm which ones they used...

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