W124 interior light/seat belt warning light

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Mar 28, 2012

I gave our W124 in to sort out a couple of problems that I hadn't got round to looking at myself - the drivers window operation was reversed (up went down and vice versa), and also the passenger door wouldn't lock/unlock with the key.

Both have been sorted and picked the car up last night. However noticed on the drive home that the interior light wasn't coming on when the doors were opened - but you could switch it on manually and turn the reading light on fine. Also the seat belt warning light was constantly on - not flashing but permanently illuminated. I had a quick look when I got home at the fuses and all seemed fine there. There wasn't much I could do as it was night so just left it.

This morning I noticed that the seat belt warning light had gone out. I asked somebody at home to check the car and now the seat belt warning light isn't coming on at all - is it possible that the bulb burned out from being constantly on?

Could this problem be a symptom of:

1) Something interfered with in the drivers door when the door card was off to sort out the window switch reverse problem, which is why the light doesn't come on when doors are opened

2) A problem with the dome light itself and just a coincidence it's happened when the door card was off

3) A greater electrical problem. For example for a while there's also been a problem with fuse 12 blowing when the blower fan is put on full speed, so we only keep it at 1 or 2.

Any advice appreciated before spending money on parts that I might not need i.e. another dome light
Looks like it was number 2 on the list. I got a spare interior light, connected it up and everything working as it should.

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