W124 Orthopedic seat problem

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Oct 7, 2012
Mercedes W124 320ce Cabriolet
The seats in my 320CE cab were removed when I had some speakers and an amp installed and the 'installer' cocked up the seat reinstallation and now my once working orthopedic seats do not work anymore.

Where do I start in removing the seat to see what is amiss and can anyone tell me or post a diagram showing what to check/reconnect in order to get this system working again.

I understand they work on the same system as the central locking and this still works, as does the vacuum system for the seat release buttons.
I believe the Orthopedic system installed on the 124 is the same as the 202 system fitted to my car, if you look under the front of each seat you should see a grey plastic pipe plugged into the seat, it sound like they have neglected to plug the pipes back in.
yes its just a pipe they probably didnt connect. But lets hope they didnt break it though

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