W124 seat heater pad replcement


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Mar 9, 2011
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1997 W140 S600L/2003 S211 320cdi
The seat heater on the passenger side of my W124 only works on the seat back, not on the base.

On further investigation I've found both pads show a closed circuit, however the resitances differ wildly, one reading 3.2 and the other 11.8.

I've swapped the pins int he connector over, and got the same result, seat back fine, seat base no noticeable heating at all. On that basis, it would sem the switch and realy are working o.k.

Is there any other solution apart from changing the pad?

If the pad has to be changed, I can get a brand new one for a w123 from star partz, or a waeco one from ebay or elsewhere. Has the technology or materials advanced over the years, meaning the waeco pad would be more reliable for any reason?

Also, any tips on removing the upholstery from the base, or is it obvious when the seat is removed how to go about this?

Thanks in advance,

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