W124 sunroof

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Aug 14, 2006
I know sunroofs have been done to death here and elsewhere but I would welcome views on this problem.

My '95 E300D estate has had a non-working sunroof for ages. As part of a general licking into shape of the old girl I thought I would have another look at it. Initial lack of electrical activity at the motor was fixed with a new (old) relay. This has resulted in the motor trying to turn in all positions of the switch. However, that's all it does. It tries to turn, the two cogs visible on the motor move slightly and then nothing. I've wound the roof in and out, and up and down, using the manual override nut, cleaned and lightly oiled the visible tracks, and wound the whole mechanism back and forth several times to loosen it up. But still nothing other than an initial slight movement when using the switch.

Before I take the motor out and open it up for a look at gears, getting covered in grease in the process, I wondered whether there might be an obvious solution, or perhaps an explanation for why it winds manually but not electrically (e.g., something in the way the gearing is set up).

Any suggestions or ideas gratefully received.

Thank you.
All now fixed. It turns out that the slim 17mm nut behind the emergency manual adjuster operates to increase (turn in) or decrease (turn out) the effective torque of the motor so I turned it in a bit and now it works.
What is the best oil or grease for the tracks on these? My sunroof works perfectly but I thought I would give a little lubrication before winter.

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