W124 V12 Conversion Unfinished Project

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That's gonna keep someone busy for some time!
Members car
Been up for some time.

I would suggest to the vendor if he wants to get the cost of the parts back, then he should start stripping it now. It's worth close to nothing as an unfinished project.
I'd imagine anyone with the knowledge to complete that won't have the time, I wouldn't want to even start on the wiring never mind everything else that needs doing.

Would certainly suprise a few people though if it ever made it on the road.
I know of a convertible that is nearly finished now - it runs and drives but needs the loom tidying.
They will be a beast.
I think its worth £1500 not £3k personally.
Don't worry boys-it'll be running by next summer. The wiring isn't a problem (my mate does that), it's getting someone to take the rest of the installation on- thankfully I've now got 2 parties willing to work on it... will be interesting to figure out a valuation once it's running...

The car's listed just in case someone is felling brave... and to show my wife that I am trying to offload some cars!
Very very nice and not a bad project to be doing and your 900t is a very sweet car and getting rare now

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