W124, W202 and W203 estate car size comparisons

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Sep 6, 2004
Hi There,

I'm looking at moving on my w124 230TE as its getting a little too prone to faults. I fancy another W124 estate but wondered about a c-class estate.
I use me estate to carry 'stuff' quite often as well as 4 greyhounds.

Anyone know the difference in size between the W124 and C-class estates?

the W124 is bigger than the W202 although I'm not sure of the exact dimensions - I'm happy to measure mine for you though if you need specifics.

We transport two greyhounds in the rear compartment and they have plenty of room

A few weeks back we used ours to move a large single wardrobe (65" tall, 28" deep and 38" wide) which fitted in with the rear door closed !!

The boot capacity of the S124 is 530dm3; the S202 is a bit smaller at 465dm3.

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