W124 windscreen rubber strip detaching

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Oct 28, 2013
S124 E280 Est (Storm Trooper variant), R129 SL320, Hiace campervan
Hi folks

As the on-going project of commissioning my new W124 estate into roadworthy and fully-tidied condition continues, I have noticed that the thick black rubber/plastic strip at the bottom of the windscreen is detaching.

One end of this long strip is properly separated from the screen and flapping around a bit. And it looks like someone had already made a poor effort to stick it back down. Does anyone please know if this is attached to a new windscreen when it is supplied or rather if it is bonded on to the screen after fitting?

Any further clues will help me repair it all properly... I'm keen for the car to be right from end to end...

Thanks in advance.
I think the bit you are referring to sits in a groove in the plastic bit that clips in place at the lower part of the screen where the drain holes are.

Suggest taking the whole thing off before refitting the strip and snapping the plastic piece back down with its clips.
yep these are not stuck down, they clip into the grooves. As mentioned to get it to fit properly you'll have to pull back some more and then press it back in.

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