W124 - Wiper kaput!

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Jul 9, 2008
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Just what I needed in the rain today :doh: Front wiper and washer jets stopped working. I noticed a slowing of the wiper a short while ago and my local garage kindly got it moving again.

Have done some research and lack of lubrication or a faulty connection seems favourite. At 23 years old maybe the motor has quit completely.

Does anyone have experience of replacement parts from ECP rather than OEM at all please? :dk:
wiper motor

I got one from a scrap yard and it has worked fine ever since. Make sure you get the one from the correct year. On my 96 w124 it all comes bundled with motor, wiper mechanism and the full width rubber windscreen sealing strip attached. Earlier models had separate rubber sealing strips I believe. You could probably just swap out the motor though.

Lubrication is the key I think. Under the large black plastic cover is the sliding mechanism and it is good practice to cram this area with grease and replace the cover. In my experience this will make a wiper motor last for many more years than it will if it dries out. It is a really easy job and will save the hassle of putting in a new one.

The job to install a new one is fiddly but quite straight forward and will probably reveal lots of rust under your windscreen.

Good luck.
Does anyone have experience of replacement parts from ECP rather than OEM at all please? :dk:

Eurocraparts can usually be beaten on price and/or quality very easily despite their constant [cough] "sales" [cough] for example...

Wiper Arm | Wiper Motor | Wiper Arms & Wiper Motors for any car Vistapro isn't a brand name i've ever heard of personally, type Febi 18859 into the search engine of your choice on the other hand and you'll find several sources for Febi Bilstein motors with prices from £48.18 http://www.skscarparts.co.uk/body-lighting-wiper-components-18859-febi.html¤cy=GBP&language=en?***id=CPbk_9ezicgCFQXnwgodpocPoQ which'll probably be at least as good as what ECP are offering but cheaper. Bosch or Valeo will be more spendy, often a chunk cheaper than buying from MB but not always much in it and probably not that much more ££ than the pre "sale" list price ECP quote for the Vistapro?

I got the part # from KOMBI Estate (S124) 300 TE (124.090) which is handy site for MB and other supplier (inc OEM) part numbers. Sparepart groups for Mercedes 124.090 (300TE) is another

As said there are various different versions of the mono wiper depending on year... differences in the trim at the base of the screen (some or all of which is fitted to/part of the wiper) for example and while later models got plastic clip on 'turtleshell' covers which makes lubing the eccentric/sliding part of the linkage earlier examples had metal turtleshells which can only removed after taking the wiper out of the car and stripping it. My '93 has the later one piece rubber trim but a metal cover which is slightly different to metal turtle shells on earlier cars. It was barely moving when i bought the car and while rebuilding it helped lots the neglect hadn't done the motor any good so like MB-tex i bought a complete used motor & linkage, about £40ish IIRC. There's loads of guides scattered around the internet to rebuild the mono wiper, 82 Lights, Wipers, Radio, Antenna, Misc Body Electrics scroll down to 82-0680 and you'll find one of them along with the MB instructions to remove it from the car

All that said if your washers stopper working at the same time i would start with the fuse box and N10 combination relay as a seized linkage or dead wiper motor shouldn't stop them from squirting. The wiper stalk/combination switch is also a suspect, it's not unknown for them to even short out internally and get rather hot
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