W124T interior courtesy lights

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Jan 17, 2007
Front interior light cluster works ok when front doors open.

Don't work when either back door is opened, and rear loadspace lights don't come on at any time - whether for open doors or tailgate. Bulbs are okay.

Is there an in-line fuse somewhere? Any other ideas.
Have a look at the interior light switch. You might find the problem there.
The rear four interior lights have three possibilities: off, on and switched by the rear doors and/or tailgate. If they don't work in any switch position I'd check both sides of the switch for volts or earth. I'd also check at the bulbs for a live feed. The door switches may light the bulbs by providing an earth or by providing a live feed - I don't know which but it'll be pretty easy to find out

If a combination relay is used for this then I'd suspect the relay before anything else

Nick Froome
Ummm??? Embarrassed of Wales here. Put the dash switch to the "on" position and they all work as they should do!!!! "Thick as a Ditch" saying oops!

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