W126 300SE 1991 Blue with Grey Leather

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Feb 28, 2004
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I am selling my much loved car. If you are seriously looking for one of these then I will not go into detail about this car as the car itself needs no introduction.

This is a 1991 300SE W126. It is Pearl Blue with grey leather interior. It has a sunroof, electric windows and runs like a dream for a car thats 20 years old. The insurance falls under classic.

Why am I selling it? I purchased this car just over 2 years ago as I started working from home. The car I owned at the time was newer but I have always loved the W126 and had an opportunity to purchase one in quite good condition. The pictures speak for themselves but I am not hiding the fact it needs a few body repairs here and there. The two front wings could benefit with being replaced and there are odd patches where surface bubbles are appearing. Its not as bad as some I have seen. The chrome inserts in the bumpers could do with replacements and as for the front drivers chrome this definitely needs replacing as its completely gone.

The interior is fantastic for a car that has almost 144k on the clock. The cars previous owner did not have much of a service history and most of the work like oil changes and prop shaft couplings have been done by myself. New plugs, distributer cap and leads. The petrol gauge is a bit erratic as the needle jumps about, but the reserve light comes on when its needed and because I only used it on local journeys it never bothered me.

I need a diesel car as I am starting to work away from home and traveling to Basingstoke in this is quite expensive although saying that I fill up £20 and it will return about 80 miles before the reserve light comes on and this will still drive another 30-40 miles (although the petrol gauge is erratic I tested this figure myself by running it until it emptied). The comfort is second to none and even without the fancy heated seats. A diesel will half my cost.

I thought about posting on ebay but I thought I would let the real enthusiasts get a look first as most of the help I ever need on mercedes comes from this site so I know it will be appreciated for a W126.

The road tax will run out at the end of the month and the MOT is due November 11 2011. I can tax the car at the buyer cost if required as I am fully insured.

I am open to offers in the £1500 area but I need a sell so I may consider a reasonable offer.

I have created a downloadable PDF file that has about 45 pictures of the car. Click the following link and it will download to your computer. The is a picture showing the key in position 2 to show all the lights work like the abs and brake lights and when started they don't stay on to warn there are any errors.

Its had 5 former owners so I would be No. 6. The electric roof works perfectly, the aerial goes up and down but It did get stuck once but went down itself a day later, may just need some grease. I had the belt replaced along with one of the fly wheels that had damaged and the hot and cold air work like a dream, This was one of the main points I checked when I bought the car as I know first hand the work involved in replacing the matrix. Wiper and headlight wipers work.

If you have any questions let me know I will do my best to answer.


If you copy and paste this link in your browser it will ask you where to open or save the PDF file. You may be able to just click the link.

I would keep this car if I could but I know it would lie there and end up being neglected, You can rest assured if it was left there it would have no problem in starting it as these were built to the highest standard.

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