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Discussion in 'Electronics' started by h17n dj, Oct 21, 2011.

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    W126 500SEL
    My 1991 W126 500SEL has front electric heated seats.... the drivers side has a 2 setting memory function but the passenger side does not..... Is this har to retrofit? is the wiriing all there? can i just change the switches?

    thanks in advance
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    You need to find a passenger seat with the memory modules , another switch , the switch cover panel , and the loom .

    With the seat out of the car , you need to lift the carpets and remove the centre console as the loom runs under it ( the looms are completely different - I have salvaged one out of a donor car to retrofit to my 500 ) ; you need to disconnect from the power connector positioned more or less to the left of the ashtray inside the console and follow the loom back past the gear selector , down the side of the transmission tunnel , under the seat , along the sill , up the A pillar and into the door . The connector casings need to be removed so that the ends will pull through the flexible tube out of the door and the new loom needs to be fitted in the same way .

    Nothing particularly difficult , but a good two or three hours work . I have salvaged electric seats , looms etc from a dismantled car and retrofitted them to my 280SE in place of the manual seats ; since I recently acquired a memory electric drivers seat from another donor car , I plan to fit this to my 500SEL , just as soon as I can source the looms/switches to retrofit seat heaters as well ( I already have covers with heating pads and the switch panel with holes cut out - just need the other bits ) .

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