W126 parcel shelf rot, bought the wrong panel

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Jul 22, 2009
Southam, Warwickshire
1992 190E, 1989 500SEC, 1968 220/8
I have the usual rot behind the parcel shelf on my SEC so i bought panel #17 in the diagram below (A1266470501)


but it turns out its the wrong one as this is the exterior panel which sits under the rear screen. The bit thats rotten is the interior panel under the rear screen shown here.


Is this panel avaiable or is it part of a larger rear panel section and as so will it be more difficult to fix? The screen isnt leaking anymore so i dont suppose it will get much worse but i just dont want bits of rust in my boot anymore.
The part you have bought is the first to go so that needs to be replaced.. How have you cured the leak?

The other part i believe is with the complete body shell.. dont think it comes seperately... You would need a body shop to tidy it up...

I stil get bits of rust dropping down even though mine is all fixed..
I squeezed some sealant under the outer seal, not autograde so probably has some water and salt content which might lead to further complications, but better in the short term than a boot full of water. I also keep it under a cover now so the rain doesnt pool in the corners of the rear screen.

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