W126 SEC bodykit from USA

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This is a good replica of a Japanese spec AMG kit, good idea to produce a complete replacement bumper.

Shipping is $199 domestic, unlikely you'd be able to get that to the UK for much less than the purchase price due to the way Volumetric weight works for shipping. Plus import Duty, plus VAT plus local delivery....

I'm still working on my replica kit, we just have the rear bumper to get spot on and I'll have four piece kits available here for around the £750 mark in fibreglass. It all went on hold with the credit crunch, but I have all the moulds ready, I just need to fund a batch and see what kind of response I get.

see this old thread:-


If any forum members are interested in these, I need to run up an initial batch of 10 kits to make it viable. I have one kit already produced and sat in my warehouse (which we over did a little and it's abit too rigid, it was our first kit but gives you an idea of the quality - I also have a brand new AMG kit for you to compare it to) and a second kit produced and being fitted to an SEC for photographs.

Lodge an interest with me by PM if we get close enough to 10 I'll run a set off which takes about a month.

Members cost will be £500 + vat + plus delivery. I'll take a £100 deposit to secure you for one of the first 10. Production would take about 4-6 weeks depending on how busy the fibreglass company is. (This is all operated through my business so I can take credit cards for your piece of mind).

The rear skirt and side skirts fit the SE, SEL and SEC.

The front spolier is SEC specific but a good bodyshop could easily cut out the 20-30mm required for it to fit either the SE or SEL.
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Mudster what happened to your own grand SEC project? I'm waiting to see the finished article. :)
I'm still collecting bits.....I have pretty much everything I need to start except space. Which sounds odd seeing as I have a warehouse.

The build will be done by the SEC-Shop in Kent, But Chas is a bit short of space and is either moving premises or expanding where He is now. It kind of all revolves around when He's got the space/time to do it all.

Current stash of bits all sat under my office......

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I looked at kits from the USA and you are looking almost £300-400 plus import duty.

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