W126 washer jets in chrome

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trevor, didn't read the email i sent you last night about posting them
Yes , i did Dave ,Just wanted others to know they were sold .Not questioning you Dave .I trusted you from day one. Just going to clean them up before i fit them on .Had enough of coating them with black to black .The new ones from you , wont need any maintenance .
I have them Dave as i said yesterday .Just waiting for a bit of dry weather to open up the bonnet and fit them on . They look smaller than the ones on there. Wont know till the hole is clear to put them in . No problem if they wont fit i can sell them on .Thank you for a quick delivery .

Dave .It was worth a try .But they wont go on the W124 so if anyone asks about a pair of W126 washer jets to go on the W124 you can now say they dont fit. First shot they were to small ,but wth some butil sealer on they would be ok . But then , after it was in i could not get the water inlet pipe to fit .The elbow was fouling on the inner part of the bonnet. So i will put them up on the forum sales section. My fault just thought by looking at the parts on ebay they look the same .for both w124 and w126.But not so. Well you win some and loose most .
I wont give up yet. It was a rush job to-day as weather is going to be bad this afternoon. So i will give them another try , before i abandon them .Thinking about it there is play in the hole , so adjustment might be the way to go. Reading about some one on another forum, who as done this before ,so its inspired me to give them another try if i can.
Not looking to good W126 jets sitting in the hole made for W124 jets .I will have to do a bodge if i keep them .So after playing with them all day ,in out and all that . i will post them up on the sales section on the forum.. Dave thank you .And i am sorry if i made more work for you..But it was another sale for you yes. Trev
hi trev, i did not know if they would fit or not, but a few years ago i did sell some to someone who was wanting to do what you were wanting to do, he said they were ok, i don't know if he bodged them or not to make them fit
Dave not your problem ,I asked for a special part .You sold me the part And i am happy. It would fit but i would need to hold them in to the hole thats over 1/4 inch to big in length.Anyone else would fit them .But i think i need to keep it as it was made 27 years ago. So i cleaned the old ones in my sonic tank cleaner .And work ok .. Thank you again .Hope we can deal again soon on some other parts. Trev

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