W140 and R129 items


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Feb 13, 2007
Hi all

I have the following items that I have been effectively sitting on for far too many years so am putting them out to see if they sell. If they don't then they can sit in storage and I will see how things pan out in coming years.

I've shipped them with me in multiple country moves now so it is not a need to sell to raise funds, hence the prices are not negotiable.


I am aware what some of these have sold for in the past or what has been offered on eBay but the prices I have set are the prices I am looking for.

If you disagree with my asking price, or you think I am being unrealistic or 'dreaming', that is of course a personal view but I would kindly ask that this does not turn into a "X sold for Y only six months ago" or similar.

If someone is selling them for a lower price, then by all means buy from them. Or you may see if Mercedes Benz still have any.

As mentioned above, the prices are not negotiable. I think it is better that this is clear from the outset as it saves times all round.

They are also advertised elsewhere and so long as this advert remains up, they are available. I will delete one or both as and when they sell.
1. Roof Shuttle

I have been fortunate to have had a few of these over the years and two of them were sold to other club owners. I've generally missed on out on the bargain cars/or sold when the prices were at rock-bottom but for some reason have managed to luck into these (more precisely, chase down any leads or hints of where one may be!).

This is the one that I had intended to be the keeper and managed to get when living in Australia a few years back. It is in excellent condition with only slight peeling to some of the stickers on the boom and the strapping and ratchet operation is working as it should. The felt on the cradle 'hands' is also in very good condition particularly as it is two decades old.

The fellow I bought it from had it from new but used it infrequently as once the roof came off it tended to go onto a roof stand (the weather in Sydney is pretty good for most of the year).

It collapses down and would fit in the back of an medium sized station wagon although two people would need to move it in this configuration.

It is wrapped in plastic in storage here so there is no issue with dust or sand.

2. W140 AMG Monobloc alloys (4)

I have a set of brand new, unused, genuine 18 inch AMG alloy wheels for the W140/C140 series car.

They are still in their original AMG boxes and have been never been used, put on a car or had tyres put on them.

As with the shuttle, they are also covered in plastic.

3. Transportation

These are located here in Dubai so the buyer will be responsible for all transport costs, duties etc.

There are door to door courier services so it would be a case of arranging this and then for a time for them to come and collect.

They are in storage but I can go and check the dimensions and weight for shipment calculations but would be up to the buyer to arrange the shipping.


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