W163 2001 Coolant leak

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Feb 4, 2022
W163 ML270
Hello all.

Thank you all for the support. This is my first W163 and I am finding the help on this forum extremely helpful.

Added to my long list of issues with the car , I now have a coolant leak. (the car hasn't even been driven more than 4 miles by me)
It lost quite a bit of coolant and I suspect there is a constant drip because the car has just been idling, so it must be dripping when not running too.

Assumption 1, the coolant is not leaking into the engine block. - I couldn't get the oil cap off to check for mayo.
Assumption 2. There is a visible drip coming from the engine and there is a wet patch under the engine bay, must come from the coolant leak.
Assumption 3. It may not be very serious, as the drip seems to be coming from somewhere between the engine and the radiators. Right about from where the turbo (?) should be..

Any ideas?

Thank you all

2001 ML270 93500 miles
coolant warning light (fixed it)
Coolant leak..
Radio not on (Now fixed)
Lamella sunroof not fully opening (opened twice, small gray plastic bit broke off, not it wont' fully open, erratic operation)
BAS ESP light on (resetting, removing K25 etc, doesn't do anything for it)
Massive water leak, entire floor is soaking wet, even the glove box (!!?).
Driver's lock doesn't turn
Seat controls don't work
Brake switch maybe on the way out
FOBs don't lock/unlock (new batteries) (fixed, one works now, the second starts the car, but won't synch)
Brake discs need replacing all around
Front calipers seized (not sure, is it possible for a caliper to get unstuck when it cools down?)
bonnet struts broken (ordered)
Boot struts broken (ordered)
running board only on one side
broken front bumper (AMG style ?)
Rust around tailgate handle
Rust under the doors.
faded bonnet
rear bumper off its clips
Water pump?
Thank you for your reply. I think you may be on to something. The pump is I think on the side the leak is manifesting itself.
Thank god they don't seem to be that expensive to buy from a quick look online.

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