W163 ML aftermarket parking sensor install

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Apr 15, 2008
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1999 ML320
I've purchased an aftermarket four sensor audiable parking kit (similar to the Parktronic setup) that I intend to fit to back end of my 1999 ML.

Can anyone advise me as to whether the rear bumper has markings on the inside as to where I need to install the sensors and / or post pictures of their W163 ML equipped with parktronic, please?

Any other advice before I start this installation would be much appreciated.

Hi, A210 AMG has done this very well to his ML.
Hello, thanks Gucci :)

Yes been there done that, and it works a treat. I fitted a kit with only 2 sensors and its as good as cars I have owned with factory kits some have 6 and no better.

It really helps especially if you have a low car behind you as it does 'look' close sometimes...

Anyway kit was from flea bay and even came pre sprayed in silver.

I decided to fit mine in the 'flaps' that pull off in the rear bumper, looking at your pic its the pre facelifted one so not sure you have them? if you have its handy as they come off easy to drill and if you make a mistake....they are cheap to replace :)

I undid the bumper a little to pull it forward so I could run the wires through to the petrol filler side of the car and wire the unit into the wiring loom.

The display unit was actually very easy to install running it down the sills under the trim and then up behind the dash next to front window.

Pics below :)






Hope that helps.
She sure is!! I am still looking for the right one at the right price:) But then finding the right car is the best part:crazy:
Cheers guys; she sure does look good. 8) Silver MLs rock! ;)

Thanks A210AMG. I've got the earlier bumpers and four sensors. I've opted for the audiable only system as I didn't want to bother with running wires to the dash.

From what I can gather the W163 never came with the option of these so cutout marks are most unlikely. I figure I'll just need to get the bumper off and take a look. If I remember I'll take some piccies and do a write up - something I should have done when I fitted the tow bar!

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