W163 ML270 Low fuel light & "pinging"noise from around fuel filler


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Jan 8, 2017
ML 270
Hi Folks,
I have a couple of oddities that I wonder if you can help with.

First is that the low fuel warning light does not come on. I know this as the car ran out of fuel completely a while back and it had to be recovered by the good old RAC.
The gauge works fine, it's just that the low fuel light never comes on. It used to work. Does the bulb have a habit of failing? Is there a fuse just for that bulb?

Or, could it be related to the second issue....

Secondly, there is n odd "pining noise", that comes from around the fuel filler area. I wondered if it was actually from the fuel pump, or something related. The noise is very regular, roughly one every 1-2 seconds and does it all the time that the engine is running. It doesn't happen with the engine off.

Any ideas on these? :wallbash:


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