W163 ML270 windscreen washer jets

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Sep 3, 2014
Knaresborough,North Yorks
W163 ML270 Inspiration, Leon Cupra TDI
Hi Guy's,
As per my newbie thread, I've finally bought an old ML 270 (03 plate). I bought it with a number of known minor niggles that I'm rapidly wading through and putting right.

One niggle that seems a pain in the proverbial is the ridiculous washer Jet design.
I have 1 jet working fine (drivers side) the centre one doesn't work at all and the passenger side has a weak flow out of one half of it.

having done some research, I have had them blown out with water and a compressor, and no improvement. Speaking with my local indie he has suggested I need to replace them (he has had lots of issues with these in the past and is about 30/70 successful in getting them working again).

I don't suppose anyone knows the official part numbers and anywhere that I can get them from other than MB direct - I know they are expensive for what they are, and I could try fleabay or breakers, but given the frequency of failures and grumbles, I may be as well to absorb the hit and but new.

part numbers and alternative suppliers would be great if anyone could advise.
Have you taken out the little tray where the water comes out? It's hard to describe but if you look where the water comes out you can pop a pin in and slide out the little tray.

Once cleaned make sure you push the tray all the way in as this is the only way the water will come out properly.

As I mentioned it's hard to describe but if you don't get what I mean I will get you some pics tomorrow
Have you tried just sticking a pin down them ?

Compressed air won't shift limescale build up
Thanks for the replies, no I haven't done either yet ( probably won't get time before Saturday) but will definitely have a go before resorting to buying new.

I was put off the pin idea by reading a few posts where it caused damage ( due to them not being the normal straightforward little hole jets as found on 99.9999% of all other cars.

I had a quick look a last weekend and saw some strange grey plastic insert thing, but can't find any diagrams on their assembly to get an idea of how to tackle it. I'm an engineer by trade so like to have a visualisation of how things are put together, to better understand ways round problems.

Just struggling a bit with time ( especially with the dark nights).

If you have any pictures or can point me towards a technical page that would be great.

Thanks again.
Hi guys,
Jay you were right thanks. The previous owner or someone else must have messed with them in the past and the grey things sticking out ( which I mdntioned above) were the tray things you described.
The one which was working had this pushed all the way in and flush, whereas the 2 not working were stuck out by about 4mm.

I applied a little pressure to the tray and it pushed back in flush on the iffy ones and hey presto, all 3 fully working windscreen washer jets .

Thanks again for the help, these forums are great. I must have fixed £500+ ( at garage prices and labour) worth of stuff now for a total cost of £25 ( new bonnet struts).

Thanks again.
No problem moz. As mentioned it's hard to describe but when you look at them it becomes clear.

Tbh I don't think it's the previous owner messing about with them that caused it. I've noticed that when I use them they work themselves out again over time. Must be the water pressure pushing them out slightly.

Still it's a nice free fix :)
Heya Moz,

I have the same issue, I am however probably being a little thick here, any chance you could take a pic on the "little tray" thing ?

The grey plastic thing sticking out of the black housing is the tray thing. This was stuck out much further than this picture it was out approx 4 or 5mm ( I have just prized it back out for your photo but don't want to damage it).
This should be pushed back in with a fair bit of pressure do it is flush with the front of the housing ( Nothing sticking out).
How easy are the housings to remove?
Hi Steer,
Pretty easy. lift the bonnet up and along the top of the bulkhead lip (that the bonnet closes down on) is a large round topped rubber seal stretching across the width of the car.

Prize this up (it has sharp metal clips internal to secure it (just gently pull it up wards and it should lift (do a bit at a time). Once that is up then you can see the washer jet housing which just slides out of the slots in the plastic grill (you will need to pull off the pipe too).

Do you need to remove yours as the usual problem with these is that grey tray sticking out incorrectly?
The jets should give a fan of water delivery rather than the usual 2 harsh jet squirts and I think garages mess about with this at MOT time as they are expecting the squirt jet, 2 MOT's for mine and twice the tray has been out and poor jet performance (maybe the water pressure pushed them out but that's too much of a coincidence for me when they have worked fine all year.

Good luck.


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