w163 ML430 Sluggish throttle

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Sonny Burnett

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Jul 20, 2007
W208 CLK55 AMG
Hi Guys haven't posted in a while but i have an elderly neighbor who for some reason bought himself a 99 ML430 with 100k on it, he knows im into my mercs having got half a dealer parked outside, he poped over to show me and for 1200 its one of the cleanest MLs i have seen i give it a quick drive and it appears to have a sluggish throttle, i checked the cable and maf and all is fine any one got any other thoughts on what i could check?, i did mention it may of been sat and could do with a quick blast down the A12 and possibly some new fuel, i feel that mileage is low for a 20 year old car and i dont think thats always a good thing.

anyway he also want some parts like a tow bar so im going to make a post in the WTB area but if anyone has any ld ML bits let me know.
Can you scan for any stored codes? Possibly throttle position sensor? When were plugs and air filters last changed?
I would do a complete re-set on a Star including the gearbox and take it for a thrash.
Thanks for the input guys, IL pass along your comments, I do think it just needs a good bollocking to be honest

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