W163 steering, brakes and BAS/ESP

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May 23, 2016
Bracknell Berkshire
I've looked through the various posts but can find no definitive answer. I have today changed the steering rack boot on a W163 ML270 and also replaced the brake discs and pads. After a drive of about 3 miles when accelerating a bit hard the BAS/ESP light has come on and will not go off upon restarting the car. The only thing I can think of is that when I removed the track rod end I have disturbed the tracking and upset the car somehow. The tracking is definately "off" and I will get it done tomorrow, but will the light go out on its own or can there be other causes? i.e, brake fluid level too high? Any comments welcome.
The car recognises that all 4 wheels are doing the same speed but thinks you are turning the steering as its off, get the tracking done and it shouldn't show up again.
Thanks for the reply. I've had the tracking rectified on a Hunter 4 wheel set up but the light is still on after 3 starts. Will it go off itself or do I need to look at wheel sensors and brake fluid levels after replacing the discs and pads yesterday? Cheers.
Try resetting the steering angle sensor. Turning the steering from full lock to full lock two or three times is all that's required.

It may or may not fix it but it's quick, easy and free.
OK Stratman, thanks for that. Tried that a couple of times but the light still remains on. I think I will whip the wheels off again tomorrow and check to see if I've disturbed an ABS sensor or something. Cheers
Same thing with mine after a rack swap. Tracking seemed fine, too.

Before it was intermittent. After, it's present all the time.
Have changed the brake light switch to no avail.

Time to check the hub rings for debris etc and the sensors for breaks / corrosion,then fuses, K40 etc.
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So long as there isn't any other faults you may need the codes erasing or the steering angle value resetting, I did a rack on a viano recently and when I started it (without even driving it) I had abs/esp traction warnings on, couldn't figure out why as the steering wheel had been locked in a straight head position, reset the steering value and the light erased.
Apparently another hot tip is the tyres overall diameter.

As in all being the same size - well worn, front to back, can be enough to confuse...something like a 3% tolerance before a 'holy trinity' warning wobbly ensues.
Ok, update time, I've taken the car to a local car park and done some figure of eights, i.e lock to lock and full circles left and right but still did not clear the light, so went to the shops. I came out and restarted the car and the light was still on so as I was driving to a different shop I slammed the brakes on a couple of times to activate the ABS. I,m not sure if it activated or not and it didn't feel any different. I went shopping (about 15 mins max) and when I came out and restarted the car, the light was out, I don't know how or why, whether it was driving in circles or slamming on brakes or just a certain amount of restarts after having the tracking adjusted yesterday but I'm happy for now and if this helps someone then that's good too!

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