W164 Facelift Passenger Wing Mirror

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Sep 27, 2023
L22 1RW
Hi all, I'm new here and need your help so please be nice :p

I was hit by a drunk driver who has ruined my passenger wing mirror (the internals are snapped and the outer shell clips broken - the glass is in tact though haha, small mercies i suppose). I have tried EVERY scrap yard in the country practically, ebay, Gumtree and Mercedes parts none of whom have one for my 2010 facelift ML350. Mercedes can get the outer shell but not the actual inside workings, even from Germany!! I have even tried to buy an aftermarket pair from aliexpress but my bank won't let me pay them because there have been high levels of fraud to that company.

Does anyone have a complete passenger mirror, or a set of aftermarket/newer shape mirrors which would be compatible please? Mine is heated, memory and has a puddle light but as long as the indicator works i'm not fussed about the rest.

I would be forever in your debt for any adverts, hints, tips, links etc.....

Thank you for reading

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