W164 wing mirrors touch doors??


Aug 31, 2017
Hi guys.

1st post on here so be nice lol.

I've come from a background of Bmw mostly and still have my e46 m3. Our family car a 2005 x5 has finally gone to car heaven and we decided to replace it with a 2009 facelift w164 ml350 4matic blue efficiency. We just had a baby so seemed like a good idea lol.

Anyway I've sorted through a little list of cosmetic issues it had, like new door trims and door kick plate trims etc but one little thing which is really annoying is the wing mirrors touch the doors and rub the paint when folded in.

Now I have replaced the passenger side housing because somebody had broken the clips and the led turn signal was intermittent when working also and for some reason this side now leaves a gap between the door when folding in which is real strange because before I replaced the housing ( shell ) it was touching so can't work out what I done here. I didn't disturb the motor or anything?

But the drivers side is still touching the door?

I've used the search and seen a couple of people have this issue but to no resolve?

Thanks in advance guys


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