W168 Transmission


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Jul 28, 2011

I'm a proud owner of a green 13y old W168 A160. Last week I started the car on a bad way. It was standing in second gear and the hand brake was on. I started the car without pressing the clutch. (Yes I know, but I worked on Axors and Actrosses al day long ^^)

The car made a big shock. Since that moment, I'm having a hard time getting in the second gear. Especially when I come down in gears. Going from 3rd in 2nd can only be made by doing this : 3-1-2.

This bothers me, I want to fix the problem. Also my gearbox is extremely noisy. When driving around in the city with my car's windows opened, I notice a strange sound. It's a high kind of scratch being made all the time. Again, especially in second gear. The sound goes away when I push the clutch.

When driving on the autobahn in 5th gear and accelerating, the sound is so loud, I have to turn up the radio!

What is going on?

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