W169 A-Class Compatible Wheel Size

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    Being a novice at this kind of thing I’m trying to work out if it’s possible to fit AMG Type III wheels from and SLK200 onto and A200 Turbo and what the pros and cons might be – the AMG’s that come standard on the A200T are 18x7 all round, I think the equivalent ones on the SLK are 18x7.5 front and 18x8.5 rear. I think the main difference is that they’ll probably stick out a bit further, but having put the info into this online calculator there seems to be a margin of speedometer error too…is that just a bit spurious depending on tyre pressure etc?

    The main reason for asking is that you don’t see many full sets of AMG III’s for sale that are standard for an A200T but you occasionally see those for the SLK on places like Ebay…

    If I had to replace due to damage could I use SLKs I wonder. Though if I only had one damaged wheel it might be cheaper to replace one for new rather than a whole set.

    Another reason would be to keep a set of winter tyres on one set.

    Anyone know if this is possible?


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