W169 A180 Blowing Noise from Engine bay

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Nov 2, 2015
Bournemouth, Dorset
2006 A180 CDI Avantgarde
Hi all again.
Beginning to doubt MB's quality.
I took my wife's son to Gatwick before Christmas and had to stop off in Fareham on the way which is about 40 miles from where we live.
As we went into a car park in Fareham, on the way up the serpentine ramp, (I had the window down as I had just collected the ticket from the machine) I could hear what sounded like a blowing exhaust.
'Great' I thought among other things!
As time was kind of the essence, the trip was continued to Gatwick and the car felt normal with no warning lamps on the dash.
Drove home, again with no problems.
Next day, called into Kwik Fit and told them what I'd heard.
They put the car on the ramp, with the noise still evident.
Once it was up, I could see the exhaust cover in the undertray had a hole in it, either by impact on a speed ramp or it was melted from the exhaust.
The fitter removed the cover and decided it was impact damage as the edges were sharp(ish) and not melted. He pushed, pulled and rocked the exhaust but couldn't feel a blow from the exhaust. I put my hand over the tailpipe, but he still couldn't feel it. The exhaust looked OK and not damaged.
He agreed there was definitely a noise but ruled out the exhaust.
My son borrowed the car this morning and whe he started it, the noise it made was horrendous. Like before but louder. I thought the exhaust had fallen off!
When in the car, I can't hear it, so the soundproofing is good.

Anyone had experience of this on the A or B Class diesels?
You may have a boost leak or blocked cat. You maybe local to me if you are in Fareham?
Wife goes to Fareham for Optician about once a month
I listened to the car again this morning when son started the car.
It first it sounds as any diesel would on startup and almost immediately, the noise started.
What appeared yesterday as a heavy blowing sound is more of a very deep sounding vibration from the front of the car.
I was unable to listen further as my son drove off in it.
I expect you have an intake leak of some kind

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