[SOLD] W169 A180CDI Avantgarde 2010 ~56K Miles for sale

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May 29, 2005
Surrey and Hong Kong
A180CDI, B200d, C300h, SLK250
Year 2010 Mercedes Benz A-Class diesel A180CDI Automatic with folding mirrors and front/rear parking sensors supporting auto-parking. Upgraded with Command sat-nav. This car has full MB service history as has been on their service plan so all automatic transmission fluid have been changed to schedule.

Selling because car is located in London and is not ULEZ compliant and therefore not economical to own within the M25.

Could be a bargain for a club member? Only fault to note is the blower fan needs attention as it is either off or full blast.

Rear bumper vents changed last year using the new modified parts so water in the boot should not be an issue.

Looking for 2000 pounds., I am currently in Hong Kong but will be back to London for Christmas if anyone is interested?


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I have a couple of members asking the service history on this car. It has been fully serviced by MB using the MB service plan, so all filters including Transmission Fluids have been changed at the recommended MB intervals. I should also have a set of winter tyres on steel wheel to give away to the buyer of this car. It was purchased second hand but never used.

I will be home on December 22nd if any members would like to come view the car near South Croydon (happy to come pick up from nearest train station, drop off and a free cup of tea etc).

The last service was in Feb/23 (i.e. this year) and the following text was sent by MB:

Completed today:
Service B with plus package
Replaced engine oil & filter and sump plug seal
Replaced Air & Fuel filter elements
Carried out brake fluid change
Topped up & fluid levels
Courtesy wash & vacuum
Yours sincerely,
Mercedes-Benz Retail Group UK Ltd

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