W176 Android Unit stopped working

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Dec 18, 2023
Ioannina, Greece
A180d (W176) 2014
Hi everybody!
So, just this has happened..

Radio plays fine, when I try to go the android menu it crashes as shown in video.. I have tried resetting with the pin, but no luck.
Also, reverse camera works fines and the speed meter. But the rest, when I try to switch it to Android from NTG, does what you can see in the video.
I am also attaching some info regarding model/type. From IMEI I can see that it is an M501 from Witstek - or fy8311 as it says on the manual, but other than that I have no details, since it was installed from a previous owner..

Any suggestions?!
Thanks a mil!
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Theres a lot of manafacturers of this stuff. We won't fit it because we just find it to be "not of Mercedes quality" (also know as a PITA that need loads of support where you can't get any help from the manufacturer) - you need to find where your's came from and go back to the vendor / manufacturer or replace it if it has failed.

But, before you do that, a) fully reboot your phone and b) work out which fuse you need to pull to power down the android screen thingy - may make it spring back into life.

Sorry for the less than positive answer, but at least there is a couple of ideas that may help!

@richard Thanks so much for your answer! PITA indeed right now... Def not MB quality whatsoever. Personally, wouldn't have done it at all, but anyways.
My mind just the last 5 mins worked out that I might actually need to check fuses. Will do it later on or tomorrow. Would be interesting to find the "commander" fuse (?) to be baked. Let's see.
Will also try to track down the seller from the previous owner.

Best regards

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