W201 orthopaedic seat switch

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Oct 10, 2015
Mercedes 190e
So I've recently bought a 2.6 auto and it from factory had a orthopaedic drivers seat, when I bought it the seat didn't work as one it has a broken switch which I can't find the part number and cannot find it at all on the EPC so would like as much help on this as possible as I want to get this seat working again. If someone could give me a part number or a link to one that would be very helpful.

Done a quick jerry rigged test and all the bags in the seat work fine.

I also need the correct pump as it's had the wrong pump put in at some stage which I have determined to be this one A1248002848 via the EPC. Can any explain the difference between the two, I know it has an extra outlet for the seat vacuum and the extra pin in the plug but what does the extra pin do and does it have a one-way valve in the pump for the seat?
Hopefully this link will work:
Its for a W124 but as far as I know the parts were common.
Ebay de has the correct pump on quite often: you may be advised to look there.
I'm not sure that there is a one way valve in the pump for the seat. My seats "deflate" when the ignition is off. I'm not sure whether this is correct, but they've always do it.
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